CFLO 800G Nutrition Challenge

CFLO 800G Nutrition Challenge

Challenge Details

Hello, All!
We are excited to announce our next nutrition challenge: the #800gChallenge®.

What is the #800gChallenge®? 

The #800gChallenge® is a fun and inclusive twist on eating healthy. First, there are NO foods to eliminate. That’s right! All you have to do is eat 800 grams, by weight, of the fruits and vegetables of your choice each day. And then you continue to eat whatever else you want. Why 800 grams? It’s a simplified way to get all those servings of fruits and vegetables that are associated with health.

This Challenge is Unique
Not only do you focus on what to add to the diet (not eliminate), we are using SugarWOD to distribute nutrition content throughout the challenge in a private track. You’ll get educational tips each day. This also means we’ve got real-time leaderboarding; see where you stack up each day!

This challenge was created in 2017 by EC Synkowski of OptimizeMe Nutrition, a Certified Nutrition Specialist® who has educated thousands of individuals on nutrition. 

Why a Challenge At All? 
Yes, you come to CFLO for the workouts but nutrition is as important as working out for the results most people want. And a challenge can provide that same group atmosphere that’s motivational for workouts. Join us and learn something new about your nutrition!


Jan. 4th - Jan. 31st - 2022

Sign up here and we will add you to the challenge on SugarWod in a private track so you can log in your progress. 


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Challenge Info:

CFLO 800G Nutrition Challenge

Dates: Jan. 3, 2022 - Jan. 31, 2022

Reg Deadline: Jan. 3, 2022

Participant Standings

Registration: $15.00

Reg Deadline Passed